Mojo playground from VS Code

Getting the Jupyter URL

If you don't have access to the Mojo playground you'll need to Sign up to the waitlist hereopen in new window

Open the link to your playground via your email from Modular and copy down the address in the browser, leaving out everything after your email address:<your_email>

Generate a token hereopen in new window, noting it down somewhere safe.

Add it to the end of your url like this (change the email address and token):<your_email>/?token=<your_token>

VS Code

Install the Jupyter VS Code extensionopen in new window

From the command pallette (ctrl+shift+p or shift+command+p) select Create: New Jupyter Notebook

Then from the command pallette again select Notebook: Select Notebook Kernel and follow the options:

Select another kernel > Existing Jupyter Server > Enter the URL of a running Jupyter Server

It'll prompt for you to enter a server name, you can set it as Mojo Playground or whatever you like, then choose the Mojo kernel.

Now try writing some code and running a cell!


Every time you want to use it, you'll need to start the server from your browser, you can the add the link without your username and it'll remember your session via cookies:

open ''

You'll likely need to restart the kernel at some point as bugs are ironed out, you can use:

Command Pallette > Jupyter: Restart Kernel