Is Mojo for me?

I'm a beginner programmer

Mojo is not aimed towards beginners, Python is a great choice for a first language and dominates fields like data science and Deep Learning (DL), which is the field responsible for rapid advancements in AI/ML such as Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT.

Mojo is a language focused on addressing the main limitation of Python, which is the lack of low-level control to optimize performance, a problem that doesn't concern beginner programmers.

For a path to becoming a proficient AI/ML developer who'll be able to take advantage of Mojo when it's released, I can recommend this syllabus for someone new to programming:

I want to build a product using Mojo

Not yet, Mojo is still only available via an online Jupyter notebook in an interactive playground to experiment with the language, but if you want to get a head start on understanding the language check out the links below.

I'm an experienced engineer curious about Mojo

Yes! There is a budding community of engineers dissatisfied with the current deep learning ecosystem, check the links below and help contribute to the early stages of a very promising language.